Cat-Eye Nails Are an Interesting New Trend Perfect for Halloween

Image via doras_nails_euphoria/Instagram

No matter if you prefer regular nail polish or more durable gel manicure, you have so many options when it comes to colors and designs you can do on your nails. The latest trend we saw is perfect for Halloween and you have enough time to practice before the spookiest day of the year.

Cat-eye nails are currently taking over Instagram. You can make them by using a metallic polish on the center of your nail, which will create an effect similar to a cat’s eye. It definitely looks amazing, but we must tell you that it’s not the easiest nail look to create.

You should first paint your nails with solid color polish. The next step includes a special polish that has a lot of metallic pigments that go over the base color. This polish comes with a magnet that you use to position it where you want it.

This look works best on almond-shaped nails that resemble cat claws. It will look amazing against any outfit you choose for Halloween!