Catsuits Are This Fall’s Most Unexpected Fashion Trend

Jorja Smith wearing a catsuit at the 40th Brit awards in 2020.
Jorja Smith wearing a catsuit at the 40th Brit awards in 2020. Photo by JM Enternational/Shutterstock (10558799jj)

The catsuit. It’s something you’re probably not used to seeing very often outside of watching Catwoman. But believe it or not, this skin-tight onesie is actually turning out to be one of the most surprising emerging fashion trends of the upcoming Fall season.

From the sexy, sheer catsuit to the more graphic, patterned catsuit, many different designers from Givenchy to Prada to Kenzo showed catsuits as part of their fall 2021 fashion shows, which means that they are officially “in.”

How can you include this daring silhouette in your wardrobe? Here are some ideas.

Athletic Wear

It turns out that catsuits are actually a great option for exercise. As long as you get one that fits you well, you can wear it comfortably while moving around without worrying about something slipping out.

Sleek and Black

Catsuits tend to have associations of cat burglars slinking around the night, so why not lean into that vibe by wearing a tight, black catsuit as an outfit all on its own? It’s sure to make an impression.

Rock N Roll

A patterned catsuit paired with some combat boots, a belt, and a choker can be a perfect rock star look whether you’re going on stage or just want to channel a rock and roll vibe when you head out to the bar.