Check Out Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel by Ilmio Design

Photo by paradiso_ibiza on Instagram

Those who visit Ibiza this year have the chance to stay in the candy-colored Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, which was designed by Ilmio Design.

The Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel just opened nearby the San Antonio resort, infamous for its nightlife. The rooms are artsy and colorful and the hotel is hosting a comprehensive arts program that tourists can enjoy while staying.

“Devoted to art and contemporary creation, and borrowing inspiration from the aesthetics of MiMo – Miami Modern – the new hotel introduces a whole new way of visiting the island, surrounded by high-quality art,” said a statement from Concept Hotel Group, which operates the property.

“Guests will be completely surrounded by art in a unique setting, with works by contemporary artists installed in all the hotel’s Art Rooms,” the statement continued.

There’s one room that’s different from the others, and it’s located in the lobby. It’s called Zero Suite, and its walls are made of glass, so it’s completely see-through. It’s reserved for artists who will complete “micro residencies” at the hotel.

See some images of the hotel below.