Classic Lemonade Comes with a Dark Twist This Summer

Image by @ucicarbons / Instagram

Lemonade is a popular beverage choice in the summertime, as it’s both healthy and refreshing. Who doesn’t enjoy a sip of this icy cold beverage during long, hot days? This year, however, expect to see it in the new shade – completely black.

One lemonade recipe from contributed to the black lemonade becoming so popular. It explains how to make fresh lemonade with activated charcoal capsules, resulting in a beverage that’s not only visually capturing, but also very nutritious.

Naturally, photogenic black lemonade is all over Instagram. But it’s not all about its looks. Actually, activated charcoal is great for your health in many ways. It helps whiten the teeth, prevents hangovers, has anti-aging and detox properties.

Don’t worry because the color doesn’t look so natural. It’s perfectly fine to make the charcoal lemonade your best friend for this summer, in fact, it is probably even better than the regular lemonade!