Cluttercore is the Perfect Home Décor Trend for People Who Hate Minimalism

Living room. Cluttercore is the Perfect Home Décor Trend
Photo by Jens Behrmann on Unsplash

If you’re not a huge fan of minimalistic home décor and don’t enjoy keeping your home perfectly organized and neat, the cluttercore craze will rock your world. This rising trend is all about embracing the mess and filling your home with countless tiny trinkets that bring you joy.

If you’re not sure how to welcome cluttercore aesthetic into your home, just think what Marie Kondo would do—and do the exact opposite. This trend is all about embracing a happy mess through large quantities of stuff you’re going to use as decoration.

The best thing about cluttercore is that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into giving it a try. You can do it by decorating your home with books, plants, tiny trinkets, and souvenirs that have a special meaning. Sticking to a single theme or color palette can be useful because it will stop you from making a huge mess.

Cluttercore is all about comfort and nostalgia, and it’s just the kind of home décor trend we need during uncertain times. Thriving for perfect order is the thing of the past, so surround yourself with all the tiny things that put a smile on your face and use them to transform your home into a safe haven.