Collage is the Latest Interior Decor Trend

Photo by Marc Newberry on Unsplash

Look around stylish people’s homes these days, and one interior trend is likely to catch your eye: collages or cutouts. Whether it’s hanging in a frame on the wall, in the form of a beautifully structured cut-out lampshade, or in some other form, collage is having a moment in the limelight. Check out these three ways to include some collage in your home, to get on board with this cool and classy trend.

Framed Collage

Much of the current collage style is inspired by Matisse’s naive and fluid approach to the art form, resulting in bold, block colors and stunning designs. As these collage artworks can dominate a room, try ensuring the rest of your art in that room is fairly muted, unless you’re going to a colorful, clashing style!

Cut Out Lampshades

Whilst not technically collage, cutouts require the same use of paper skills and careful structuring of the final piece. Cut-out lampshades cast some beautiful patterns and shadows, are can be used for the main light in the room, or for a side lamp if you want to have the option of casting fantastic patterns and shadows.

Collage Placemats

Placemats are a great way to bring some design and decoration to your dining table. Opting for bold, striking collage designs is a great way to tick the trends box. Go for a design in muted or easily matched colors, so that you can add a candlestick, table runner, or other decorations to the table without worrying about everything clashing.