Colourpop Drops New Disney Villains Makeup Collection

We will never get enough of Colourpop and their innovative makeup collections. This time they teamed up with another huge company that brings joy to the whole world. Meet the Disney Villains collection, because not all ladies want to be a princesses!

Inspired by iconic characters such as Ursula, The Evil Queen, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Cruella de Vil and Hades, the makeup line is so unexpectedly vibrant. There isn’t a single hint of evil in it.

Let’s start with the Jelly Much eyeshadows, which are so gorgeous that you’ll want to buy all six shades. The next purchase you’ll probably want to make is the 15-pan Pressed Shadow Palette. There are metallic, matte, and even jewel shadows, with tones such as purple, blue, gold, emerald, orange, nude and more.

Each one of the Disney villains has their own lipstick. The shades range from nude, orange, magenta and dark plum, to the classic red. One of the best parts of this collection is the packaging of the products. They are so cute and playful, with the characters painted in neon colors.

The rest of the line features six lip glosses, two body glitters and six cream highlighters. The whole range is already available for sale, so go ahead and choose your favorites.