Crafting Has Never Been This Popular; It’s Time You Get Onboard!

This past year has been a game-changer in more ways than one. One surprising by-product of lockdown has been a steep rise in hobbies like baking and embroidery. Hands-on hobbies have gained traction as creative alternatives to screen-based activities. Crafting, in general, seems to have returned big time.

But even as Covid restrictions ease, there’s still time for you to get on board with this recent trend. After all, at least according to experts, crafting might actually have healing qualities. And then there’s the joy of making something with your own hands.

If you’re looking to dip your toes into the arts and crafts movement you might want to start by heading to the craft supply Etsy shop Squish-n-Chips. Run by designer and crafting guru Orawee Choedamphai, it offers a range of materials that will help you get started: products like paper flowers and textured envelopes.

The possibilities are endless. “Some make miniature gardens out of the flowers, and I also have tiny pots, so they’ll do a flower arrangement, or maybe something for a dollhouse,” said Choedamphai in an interview with the Etsy blog. “Some use the flowers to make hair accessories. And for weddings, they might use my paper for cards and some of the bigger flowers for centerpieces. I really love when customers send me photos of what they’ve made. They don’t do it enough!”

And as for the benefits of crafting, Choedamphai agrees that there’s joy to be had. “I think exploring things in three dimension makes our brains work differently,” she notes. “It gives us freedom to experiment and leaves room for trial and error.” It also means you get to make something you actually like, rather than purchase it in a store.

What are you waiting for? Scroll down for some inspiration.