Crustaceancore is the Amazing Home Decor Craze That We Didn’t Know We Needed

Seashell bowl
Image via eskaylim/Depositphotos

Crustaceancore sounds like a spelling bee word that would leave everyone confused, but it’s actually the name of the latest trendy home décor aesthetic. Its name might be a mouthful, but it’s actually pretty easy to welcome crustaceancore into your home because it’s all about sea-inspired vibes.

The word “crustacean” is used to describe a large group of animals we all know and love, which includes such specimens as lobsters, crabs, and shrimp. Once you know that, you basically know everything you need about this aesthetic because it’s all about paying homage to these animals through your home décor.

The emergence of this trend doesn’t come as a shocker—after all, it’s just another coastal-inspired interior craze, along the lines of coastal grandma. The beach-centric décor is obviously not going anywhere, and crustaceancore allows you to embrace it in a playful and carefree way.

The best thing about it is that you don’t have to go all-in because it’s highly recommended to welcome it into your home in a subtle way. Crustaceancore dinnerware is all the rage right now, but you should also consider checking out vases, pillow cases, kitchen towels, and maybe even rugs with this fun, beach-inspired print.