Dark Comedies are the Movie Craze That We’re Seeing Everywhere This Summer

Zoey Deutch in
Zoey Deutch in "Not Okay"

Summer is usually that time of the year when we tend to watch tons of action blockbusters and romantic comedies, but they’re not the most popular genres this time around. Comedies with a dark twist are going stronger than ever right now and here are a few that got everyone talking.

Not Okay

If you’re always in the mood for a social media satire that questions the influencer culture, you must watch this film about a lost and misguided millennial (Zoey Deutch), who fakes being a victim of a bombing attack in Paris for attention and clout.


The Office star B.J. Novak did a great job with his directorial debut and told a rollercoaster tale of a New York journalist who travels to Texas to record a podcast about the murder of a girl he briefly hooked up with.

Bodies Bodies Bodies

Slasher horrors are all the rage these days, and Bodies Bodies Bodies offers a darkly comedic take on this popular genre. It follows a group of rich friends, whose hurricane party at a remote family mansion quickly turns deadly.

Do Revenge

This dark coming-of-age comedy surprisingly draws inspiration from Hitchcock’s timeless masterpiece Strangers on a Train. It sees Maya Hawke (Stranger Things) and Camila Mendes (Riverdale) play two teens coming together to take down each other’s bullies.