Do Under-Eye Patches Really Work?

Red-haired woman with eye patches
Image by galitskaya/depositphotos

We’re sure you’ve tried everything in your power to remove the fine lines and dark circles under your eyes, but what about the under-eye patches that have been popular lately? Using concealer can help for a while, but if you want to look good even without any makeup on, skincare is the way to go. The under-eye patches and masks have been very popular lately and you’ve probably seen many of your favorite beauty gurus using them and posting photos on social media. Let’s see if they’re truly efficient.

The under-eye area can be very problematic and it’s actually impossible to completely get rid of dark circles and bags if you happen to have them. Genes are the main reason you have them and they will stay there no matter what you do. However, it’s possible to reduce them with some effort so you can more easily cover them up with makeup and make your face look fresh.

Under-eye patches and masks come in many different forms so you should try a few brands and see what works best for you. Using them is relaxing and gives you some time for yourself, for example at the end of a long day. For a more refreshing effect, keep the patches in the fridge before using them!