Doll Head Planters Are a Bizarre New Home Décor Craze

Doll heads
Photo by Random Institute on Unsplash

Face planter pots have been ruling the home décor world for some time, but this trend recently took a wild turn. Fans of all things creepy are now recycling old doll heads and turning them into planters that you’ll either find adorable or truly bizarre.

If you usually have nightmares after watching haunted doll movies, this rising trend may not be the thing for you, but it’s not difficult to see where it’s coming from. As we embrace a more eco-friendly approach to the way we decorate our homes, upcycled items are experiencing a rise in popularity, and doll head planters fall under this category.

Certain Etsy artists even specialize in making them, but you can even do it on your own if you have an old doll lying around somewhere. To make the whole thing even more creepy, if your doll has holes in its eyes, it may seem like it’s crying when you water your plants.

If this trend is too creepy for your taste, just stick to regular planters that won’t give your home a haunted house feel. Doll head planters may be a great décor item for horror fans, but they’re definitely not for the faint of heart.