Don’t Miss Out On This NYC Food Blogger!

When it comes to food, NYC has a LOT to offer. But separating the wheat from the chaff can be hard, and an honest food guide can make all the difference between an unforgettable meal and an unfortunate tourist trap. Enter Dominek Tubbs. The mastermind behind food blog Dom N’ The City, Tubbs treats food as her language, and Instagram as her diary.

An avid Yelp user and Yelp Eliter, Tubbsis always on the lookout for things that make the dining experience memorable. Seasonal menus, attentive staff, food presentation, ambiance, and dishes that cultivate cravings are the way to a five-star review, and you can count on her to find you that special restaurant that sets itself apart from the others.

“I started blogging back in 2016,” she shared in a piece published on Medium, “and it became a creative outlet and it had me excited to power through my day at work and get home to work on something that is MINE. My friends hear me often refer to my life outside of work as my 6:01 Life because Worker Dom is done at 6 and content creation begins at 6:01. Use of my time includes responding to Instagram engagement, looking up new restaurants, or reading blogging-related content while on the subway.”

Featured in publications like Thrillist, TimeOut, and Travel Noire, she is known as the go-to guide for eating your way through New York City. But Tubbs is just as passionate about highlighting businesses from marginalized communities and loves sharing quick and easy recipes for at home.

And she she isn’t indulging in the flavors of the city, Tubbs works for an innovative fin-tech insurance startup company in an operations role. You definitely want to check her social media pages out: