Drive-In Theaters Are Back and Going Stronger Than Ever

Erfurt Exhibition Center in Germany, converted to a drive-in movie theater.Photo by Action Press/Shutterstock (10632978d)

It’s been years—if not even decades—since the last time most people went to a drive-in-theater, but that’s changing this summer. They’re suddenly popping up everywhere, but why exactly are they becoming so popular, and are they here to stay?

The Era of Social Distancing

It’s pretty easy to figure out why drive-in-theaters are becoming so popular right now – in the era of social distancing, they’re pretty much the only option we have. We’re all tired of watching Netflix at home, and it’s still unclear when it’s going to be safe to go to regular theaters again.

Drive-ins are a safe alternative because you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your car to watch a movie. You can head there with your friends and family—or even alone—but you’ll still feel like a part of something bigger since you’re not watching a movie on your own.

Perfect for the Summer

Drive-in-theaters are primarily a summertime attraction, so it’s highly unlikely they’ll be just as popular in a few months. That doesn’t make them any less amazing, and we should enjoy them to the fullest while they’re still around.

In addition to providing us with an opportunity to keep a safe distance, drive-ins are also a good way to get some fresh air with your friends and family. This summer saw re-emergence of several retro trends, and there’s something instantly nostalgic about these outdoor theaters.