“Dune Part Two” is Officially Happening. Here’s Everything We Know

Rebecca Ferguson and Timothée Chalamet in
Rebecca Ferguson and Timothée Chalamet in "Dune"

Dune gave us one of the most memorable cinematic experiences of 2021, and it was just a matter of time before its sequel was green-lit. That moment finally arrived, and here’s everything we know about the second chapter of this epic story.

Cast and Crew

Denis Villeneuve is coming back to direct the second Dune movie, and he’s bringing most of the cast with him—including Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya, who’ll take on a bigger role in the second film.

Plot Points

Dune: Part Two will pick up where the first movie left off. It will cover the second part of Frank Herbert’s iconic novel, and it may even feature a major time jump if the movie closely follows the book.

Release Date

Dune: Part Two is set to hit the theaters on October 20th, 2023. Unlike the first movie, it won’t get a day-and-date streaming release on HBO Max because Villeneuve insisted on an exclusive theatrical release.

More to Come?

Dune: Part Two may not be the last we see of this franchise. Villeneuve said he can imagine himself directing a third movie, based on Herbert’s second book in the series. HBO Max is also developing a spin-off series Dune: The Sisterhood.