Embrace “Coconut Girl” Aesthetic with These Adorable Manicures

The coconut girl aesthetic will probably be the leading summer fashion trend, and it’s all about nostalgic beach vibes. You can embrace it through your clothes, jewelry, and accessories, but if you want your nails to match this aesthetic, here are some ideas for your next manicure.

Hibiscus Print

The floral print is not a novelty in the nail art world, but you’ll have to be very specific about the type of flowers you pick for your “coconut girl” nails. Hibiscus print is the most popular option when it comes to clothes, so you should get a manicure with the same pattern, as well.


Butterfly motifs are also one of the main characteristics of “coconut girl” looks, and you can’t go wrong if you decide to get nails with this print. The more colorful they are the better, and you should also consider making them a part of your mismatched nail designs.

Beach Please

The coconut girl aesthetic wouldn’t be what it is without its association to beach looks from the late 90s and early 2000s. You can give your manicure the same vibe through beach-associated prints, such as waves, shells, sea creatures, and so much more.