Etsy Unveils Their Holiday Décor Trend Predictions for 2023

Candycore. Photo by Greg Barbosa on Unsplash

It’s never too early to start planning your holiday décor, and the masterminds behind Etsy seem to agree. Our favorite source of home décor inspiration finally shared their annual list of holiday décor predictions, and we’re bringing you five trends that made the cut.

Gingerbread Girl

The “gingerbread girl” aesthetic is all about welcoming warm, rustic, and vintage vibes into your home, through such home décor staples as wreath sashes, ruffled bedding, and holiday cookie cutters.

Grandpa Chic

You’ve heard of coastal grandma, now get ready for grandpa chic! This holiday décor craze is all about embracing rich tones, such as burgundy, olive green, and tobacco brown, and classic materials like dark woods, plaid textiles, and leather.

Elevated Entertaining

If you’re inviting a lot of guests to your home this holiday season, elevated entertaining will be your cup of tea. Zodiac tea towels, natural linen placemats, and handmade glassware are some of the entertaining essentials experiencing a boom on Etsy.


This holiday trend is all about elevating the mantel above your fireplace by using candle lanterns, ceramic trees, and accent ornaments.


From lollipops to candy canes, this trend is all about celebrating your favorite sweet treats through your home décor and giving it a childlike and carefree vibe.