Everybody’s Eating “Plant-Based” Food in 2018

Image via easy_vegan_vegetalienne/Instagram

A new movement is on the rise. Plant-based foods are replacing the organic food as the top food trend in 2018. The trend was named by a restaurant consultancy group Baum + Whiteman in NYC.

You may know about this trend if you’re following the most popular millennial bloggers, vloggers and YouTubers today. This predominantly female world has popularized the “What I eat in a day” theme and the followers quickly noticed that they include a lot of plant-based meals. Also, some of the most beautiful and popular Instagram accounts revolving around food focus on plant-based meals most of the time.

Some examples are Deliciously Ella and Niomi Smart, who have published their own plant-based bestselling cookbooks.

The experts are warning people not to be quick to swap meat for faux meat replacements. Though they may sound like a healthy and environmentally friendly choice, these foods are often highly processed and can harm health.