Exciting Jewelry Trends for 2024

Initial necklace
Photo by Ruan Richard Rodrigues on Unsplash

Just like clothes, trends for jewelry are constantly changing and evolving. And with jewelry being such an integral part of an outfit, it’s important to choose pieces that feel right to you. Recent jewelry trends are taking lots of inspiration from retro styles and vintage looks. Here are just a few of the trends seen in jewelry so far this year.


This elegant look has been having a revival recently. With several celebs adorning these short, chunky necklaces at events, they have also been popping up in 2024 collections by various designers. 

Alphabet Jewelry

This trend may well remind you of being in school, but has been in the spotlight recently and is making a cool comeback. Whether you opt for your initial on a necklace, or just choose some fun letter motifs on a bracelet, there are loads of options to try this style out.


Very much taking inspiration from vintage fashion, brooches are having a moment. Not only are they super stylish, but they can also be very helpful for pinning down a scarf or adorning a collar. 

Chunky Cuffs

This style of bracelet has been in fashion for a little while now and is as popular as ever so far in 2024. This is a great way to add some simple statement jewelry to your look.