Feel Better Every Day With These Trending Micro Self-Care Challenges

Challenge yourself to be creative everyday
Photo by Victoria Bilsborough on Unsplash

When it comes to feeling good, it’s often all about the little things we do every day. Small habits can be much more important for your wellbeing than big things you do sporadically, and these trending self-care challenges will prove it if you give them a chance.

Go on a Walk Without Your Phone

While walking and listening to some music or a podcast can be great, taking walks without your phone can be even better for your mental health. It’s important to snap out of the virtual world and notice all the things around you that you’d miss otherwise.

Creative Time

Playtime and creative time are just as important as focused work, and you should schedule some time for creative activities on a daily basis. It can be anything you like—drawing, playing music, baking, etc.


If you commit to reading only 10 pages of a book every single day, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can go through books! Of course, 10 pages don’t have to be the limit if you have time for more, but doing those 10 pages every day is important for making it a habit.