“Fire” Wedding Dresses are the Latest Bridal Fashion

Brides these days are looking for wedding dresses that aren’t traditional or white. While some brides are opting for different silhouettes like jumpsuits and tea-length gowns, others are looking for dresses with color like black, pink, and silver. “Fire” dresses are the latest bridal fashion trend and they’re made by an artist you probably haven’t heard of beforeβ€”Taylor Ann Linko.

Linko’s dreamt of being an artist since elementary school when she decorated fruit baskets and sold them to her mom’s friends. Like many aspiring artists, it took a while for Linko’s designs to get noticed. It wasn’t until she designed her own wedding dress that people started appreciating her work.

When Linko decided to get married, she didn’t want to wear a typical white, wedding gown and that’s when she decided to make her own wedding dress by painting a white dress she bought at a bridal shop. Through trial and error, she made a one-of-a-kind dress that captivated the attention of her wedding guests and people around the world.

Just a few months after her wedding, her “fire” dress went viral and she made it to the front page of a UK gossip blog.

β€œThe art of painting wedding dresses started when my dress went viral. I’ve always been a very colorful artist. So I got to experimenting and brainstorming how to incorporate my passion for art and color into my wedding,” she told Bored Panda.

She now makes the dresses and on her Instagram page, she describes herself as “I’m an Artist Painting on Wedding Gowns🎨.”

Her dresses are as much art pieces as they are fashion statements. Would you wear a “fire” wedding dress on your big day?