Flexitarianism: The Newly Popular Diet Everyone’s Following

Over the past few years, people have become invested in leading healthier lifestyles, and the newest popular diet is known as flexitarianism. The diets main feature is all in the name—flexibility. It’s less restrictive than conventional diets and it focuses on eating plant-based foods, while not entirely giving up meat. While you’re encouraged to eat more vegetables and nutrient-dense foods, no foods are off-limits. Here’s everything you should know about the flexitatian diet before deciding if it’s right for you.

What’s the Flexitarian Diet?

This diet is a combination of the words flexible and vegetarian. It’s about increasing the amount of plant-based foods in your diet, while decreasing the amount of meat, processed foods, and added sugars.

What Foods Can Flexitarians Eat?

As mentioned, no food group is forbidden, but there’s less emphasis on animal protein and more on plant-proteins. Try basing your meals around plant-based proteins like black beans, pinto beans, garbanzo beans, white beans, and lentil with whole grains and potatoes, fruits, dairy, healthy fats, and vegetables.

What do Flexitarians Avoid?

Flexitarians create their own meals, and while they don’t cut out foods, they avoid eating chicken, turkey, red meat, pork, white bread, white pasta, white rice, animal fats, and processed/packaged foods. When they do eat meat, they tend to choose quality lean meats like chicken or turkey.