Floral Home Décor is Fall’s Most Unexpected Craze

Florals? For fall? Groundbreaking. The colorful and lively print that’s usually reserved for spring and summer is making its way into our homes this fall. Some of our favorite home décor brands are embracing this trend and filling their shelves with flowers-embellished items.

Primark Home

Primark is one of the brands responsible for leading this home décor craze and you can find floral bedding and decorative faux flowers at their stores.


Etsy offers pretty much anything your heart desires, including floral home décor pieces—such as this charming flower wreath.


If you’re not sure if the floral print will fit into your fall décor, you can always start small. Pillow covers are one of the safest and most affordable options on the market.

H&M Home

Tableware allows you to embrace pretty much any home décor trend without the fear of overdoing it. The floral print is not even seasonal in this case because it’s often used to decorate plates, cups, and other porcelain items.

Zara Home

H&M isn’t the only brand to embrace the beauty of floral tableware. Zara also has an impressive home collection in store and we’re loving its light and offbeat tones.