Fluffy Souffle Pancakes Are the Latest Food Craze That Comes from Japan

There’s hardly anything better than a batch of fresh, warm pancakes in the morning.

They are popular around the world, but they are not the same everywhere. Europeans have crepes that have recently become crazy popular in the U.S. And the latest craze comes from Japan in the form of these super fluffy souffle pancakes. Read on to learn how to make them!

Some creative people in Japan figured they could combine two desserts into one, so they created souffle pancakes. The ingredients are pretty much the same as those for regular pancakes, but you do need to know a few tricks in order to make them just right.

The most important thing about souffle pancakes is to separate the egg whites from the yolks. Beat the egg whites separately from the batter and gently add them in the end.

Another thing that makes souffle pancakes be what they are is covering the pan with the lid while cooking them. That way the heat will stay trapped and thoroughly cook your pancakes, even though they are so thick!

To learn how to make them (it’s not difficult, we promise!), watch the video below.