Forget Cottagecore: Goblincore is the New Aesthetic

Cottagecore was big over the past few months, but it’s time for a new aesthetic to step up and that’s where goblincore comes in. Goblincore is all things nature that most people find ugly or dirty, including animals like frogs and snails and materials like plants, mud, and mushrooms. Naturally, the poster child of the new trend is Baby Yoda—which will make The Mandalorian fans really happy.

While cottagecore is romantic and centers around the return to nature and agricultural life, goblincore is much simpler and less stylized with dark, earthy colors, flowy fabrics, and cozy items. It’s pretty much anything with moss and mushrooms with accessories including pins, patches, charms, jewelry, and tiny trinkets. Like cottagecore, goblincore emphasizes comfort, but in a messier form. Messy hair, mismatched socks, and mud-soaked clothes are all acceptable in the aesthetic.

Goblincore has even made its way into beauty and health practices like mud masks, reishi tea, and snail products and treatments. But at its core its about setting your own beauty standards, instead of following those set out for you by society. There’s also a cosplay element to it, as it’s not uncommon to dress up like a mythical creature. Pretty much anything weird and odd is acceptable in goblincore. And going into 2021, it’s nice that fashion rules have been thrown off the table.