From Experimental Dining to “Dirty Sodas”: Yelp Predicts the 10 Biggest Food Trends of 2023

Happy Meals
Image by Robson90/Depositphotos

2023 is about a month away and lists of trend predictions are showing up everywhere. Yelp, our favorite source of crowd-sourced reviews online, couldn’t resist sharing their own predictions for the trendiest foods of 2023, from experimental dining to “dirty sodas”.

Yelp’s list includes a total of ten predictions and some of them are pretty self-explanatory, such as slushies and mocktails, while others left us scratching our heads. One of the trends that we could’ve predicted includes experimental dining, such as underwater restaurants and dinner theaters, but it only gets wilder from there.

The list of predictions includes such drinks as michelagua, hojicha tea, and “dirty sodas”, which consist of soda, cream, and flavored sweetener or syrup. This drink was trending on TikTok earlier this year, so it’s not a shocker to see it make it to this list. Pickle martinis will also be all the rage in 2023, as pickled-flavored products experience a huge rise in popularity.

The list of other surprising trends also includes oxtails, aka tail of cattle, and a dessert called The Suprême, made by Lafayette Grand Café & Bakery in NoHo. Yelpers are also crazy about the ’90s fast-food classics, from McRib to Happy Meals.