Get On Board with the Seashell Jewelry Trend with Serendipitous

Sydney Ziems launched her brand Serendipitous in 2019 with the goal to create eco-friendly jewelry and accessories. A celebration of art, nature, and the past, the brand’s stated mission is to build a community of intentful and conscious shoppers who enjoy fashion and making the world a better place.

“Sustainability is so important to me,” Ziems stressed in an interview with The Particulars. “I find it outrageous the human rights violations that take place in the fast fashion industry and the environmental impact that comes with mass production. I didn’t want to contribute to that.”

Ziems puts her money where her mouth is. Each seasonal collection the brand selects one item where a percent of the proceeds go to a charity/organization that aligns with their mission.

Since launching, Ziems has created and sold countless pieces made with materials from the earth, such as sea glass, as well as vintage items from brands like Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera. Her products often have a playful edge to them, and Ziems admits she is curating for “a modern-day Jane Eyre with a dash of Fran Drescher.”

Describing her style as a “sophisticated and ethereal vibe with a splash of loud,” Ziems’ collections often juxtapose unconventional materials, creating pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. “I love remixing classical elements like pearls and giving them a modern twist like asymmetrical designs or funky colors!” says Ziems.

Indeed, some of her out-there pieces incorporate pearls and seashells, adding a nautical twist to otherwise classic jewelry pieces. “I just love the ocean so much!” admits the designer. “Not to mention it is a big source of inspiration for me and I miss it so much! I hope we can start traveling soon.”

Scroll down to see some recent pieces, and head to Serendipitous’ online store.