Get Ready For the Biggest Manicure Trend in 2020: Milky Nails

Manicure trends can get pretty wild, but every now and then, we get a hit that’s actually wearable and looks nice for everyday occasions. This is the case with milky nails, a new trend among celebrities it’s on its way to becoming the most popular manicure style in 2020.

Girls around the world went crazy for it after Lizzo posted a few short videos of her makeup, jewelry, and nails on her Instagram Stories on December 6th. Her nails look lovely with a neutral, white polish topped with a peculiar finish known as “milky.” It got us curious and we checked; there are currently over 21,000 Instagram posts tagged #milkynails and the number just keeps growing.

From what we see, the look can be achieved in a number of techniques in any good salon. Some nail artist use acrylic powder, others do it with gel polish, while some combine the two techniques. Nail artist Victoyria told Allure that “the process was very simple since it is colored acrylic. I laid that one color and topped it with a gel topcoat. A lot of people like using polish to create a milky white look, but I prefer acrylic.”