Green Eyeliner Is the Ultimate Makeup Trend This Summer

The years of worshiping minimalism are over, and more and more people are now turning to colorful trends and express their style through an aesthetic that doesn’t necessarily originate in Scandinavia.

But as we transition from nude makeup and clothes to something more bright and vibrant, we have to do it carefully. That’s why the green eyeliner trend is a perfect way to end this summer.

Green eye makeup can look good on practically anyone, as long as you pick a shade that suits you. It’s also important to know that green can enhance any redness you may have on your face, so a good foundation is a must.

Once you try a few different shades and find the one you like the most, you can start playing and experimenting with different makeup looks. 

To get the most out of green eyeliner, keep the rest of your makeup low-key and neutral. A good foundation, some bronzer, mascara, and nude lipstick are all you need to look amazing and be ready for any occasion this summer may put in front of you.

What do you say, are you brave enough to try green eyeliner?