Half Christmas Trees Are All the Rage This Holiday Season

Christmas tree
Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash

From black Christmas trees and rainbow-colored ornaments, each holiday season brings amazing new trends our way. Half Christmas trees are taking the world by storm right now, but what are they all about, and should you consider getting one?

Festive Display

What separates half Christmas trees from regular ones is that they’re missing the bottom half. This gives other decorations a chance to shine, and you can make a fun display with other festive items, ranging from presents and seasonal decorations to throw blankets and pillows.

Fewer Ornaments

Decorating a full Christmas tree requires a lot of ornaments, but you won’t need as many when it comes to half Christmas trees. You don’t have to have a huge ornament collection to decorate one of these threes, and you can opt for a scaled-down color scheme with your best ornaments.

No Mess

It’s pretty common for pet owners and people with toddlers at home to skip decorating a Christmas tree altogether to avoid a huge mess. Small children, cats, and dogs have a habit of messing up the lower levels of the tree, but you won’t have to deal with this problem if the lower levels are missing from the get-go, while upper ones are difficult to reach.