Halloween Nail Trends You Can’t Miss

Halloween nail trends
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

One of the best things about Halloween, and, well, its main essence today, is dressing up and being something other than our everyday selves. When we think about dressing up, our mind might normally go to grandiose outfits or heavy makeup; but doing our nails in a unique way is no less a part of dressing up than the bigger stuff, and Insta knows it best! Here are some festive Halloween nail trends you really shouldn’t miss this year.

Spooky Whites and Reds

White and red are definitely the dominant colors of the season when it comes to nail trends. From spooky skulls and fang-ridden mouths to spiders and blood stains—you can count on these colors to get your nails in line with the holiday spirit.

Pumpkin Orange

Well, what’s more of a classic than pumpkin-inspired nail decor for Halloween? There’s a whole lot of orange going around social media at the moment, and it’s not skipping the manicure department, whether it’s actual pumpkin nail drawings or simply other nail art involving a dominant shade of orange. 

Shiny Glitter

If you dream of shining bright like a diamond this Halloween, your nails can be a great place to start. Just look at all the various glitter and (fake) diamond nail designs popping up on Pinterest boards and get inspired!