Here is the Latest News From Skincare

Photo by Cheyenne Doig on Unsplash

Each year, skincare makes great leaps forward in terms of the ingredients used and the blends that deliver healthier, glower skin. In 2024, certain ingredients and products will take center stage and a range of conditions will be treated through new formulas.


Exosomes are a new buzzword in beauty. They refer to cells that are formed from stem cell secretions, and when applied topically they encourage skin cells to regenerate. However, some experts are cautious about the strengths of some of the products available on the market, so if you’re keen to give this ingredient a try, start on a low dosage.

Skin Cycling

Taking off in 2023 and sure to continue into 2024, skin cycling refers to the practice of reducing the amount of products you use on some days, to give skin and pores a rest from constantly absorbing multiple products and ingredients. Whether you opt to go entirely bare-faced, or strip your routine back to just a cleanser and moisturizer, there is evidence that skin cycling is a great idea especially if you have congested, oily skin.


This approach to skincare combines science relating to mindfulness with beauty. By applying your skincare in a slow, massage-like style, you can help the product penetrate further into your skin whilst relaxing your mind and body. Feeling more relaxed has itself been linked to healthier, less congested skin, so taking a holistic approach to skincare and focusing on calming yourself through applying it can have a big benefit on your overall skin health.