Here’s Why Everyone’s Obsessed with this Art Restoration Channel on YouTube

You may not think that fine art restoration sounds like the kind of thing that would have a wide audience of incredibly dedicated followers. And yet Julian Baumgartner’s YouTube channel Baumgartner Restoration has 1.45 million subscribers of as today’s writing, and each of his videos gets millions of views despite regularly being over 30 and even 40 minutes in length. So what’s the deal? Why are so many people head over heels for fine art restoration?

Well, there are several possible reasons. First, Julian’s videos are incredibly high in quality, with stunning cinematography and crisp, clear audio. It makes them very easy to watch.

Second, Julian’s talent, knowledge, and experience in this very specific field come across so clearly in his videos, creating an incredibly impressive impression of an ability that not many people have.

Julian’s viewers also love his sassy approach to his work, often criticizing (in a classy way) certain techniques that other restoration artists use. This creates a bit of a community in which viewers feel like they’re learning something about the right way to restore art from a true artisan and expert.

Of course, there’s only one way to be completely sure why so many people love Baumgartner Restoration: to check out the videos for yourself. So what are you waiting for?