Highly Anticipated Movies Are Premiering On VOD

Going to theaters is currently not an option, and studios are coming up with different strategies to share their new movies with the world. Some are being postponed until a later date, while others are skipping theatrical release and going directly to the video on demand.

Here’s a couple of highly-anticipated releases that you’ll get to see at home.

Valley Girl (May 8th)

The new remake of the Romeo and Juliet-inspired teen musical from 1983 will become available sooner than expected — but only as a digital release.

Capone (May 12th)

Al Capone’s biopic starring Tom Hardy is also coming to VOD, but the director Josh Trank is still hoping they’ll be able to show it on the big screen when the time comes.

Scoob! (May 15th)

Family movies are the perfect pick for home releases, so it’s not surprising to see that the latest Scooby-Doo movie will soon become available through video on demand.

Artemis Fowl (June 12th)

The beloved series of novels about a teen criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl is finally getting an adaptation this year, but it’s coming to Disney+ instead of heading to theaters.

The Lovebirds (May 22nd)

Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae will give us comedy gold in this movie about a couple that finds themselves caught up in a murder mystery.