Homegating is the New Tailgating in 2020

Usually in the fall during football season, we’re all about tailgating, but with social distancing this year, tailgating isn’t an option. That’s where “homegating” comes in. Homegating is one of the best ways to safely enjoy games while social distancing. It’s actually even more convenient than tailgating because you have all the essentials you need at home to help you prepare for game day and you can keep your drinks as hot or cold as you want them to be. Here are some ways to practice homegating.

Cook Up Stadium Favorites

If you’re missing hotdogs, hamburgers, or pretzels, make your own at home. You can get super creative with the condiments and toppings.

Make a Cheese Board

Cheese boards are a favorite at any event. Make sure you have at least five cheeses that are different textures and colors and pay attention to the extras like crackers, honey, jam, and dried fruit.

Get Creative with Dessert

Themed desserts are a great way to show your team spirit, so opt for ones in your team’s colors. You can even make football shaped desserts if you’re feeling extra creative.

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Personalize Items

Order personalized football jerseys or embossed cups to add an extra special touch to your homegating party.