Hot Chocolate Bombs are TikTok’s Latest Viral Food Craze

TikTok has given us whipped coffee, pancake cereal, and cloud bread, and it’s now putting a brand-new delicious food trend on the map. Hot chocolate bombs are exploding all over the internet right now and they’re shaping up to be fall’s biggest food craze.

Hot chocolate was one of the fall’s most popular seasonal beverages long before this trend came along, but delicious bombs are making it even better. They consist of tasty chocolate spheres, filled with the sweet treats of your choice, mostly oozing cocoa and tiny marshmallows.

Hot chocolate bombs will break apart once they come in the contact with hot milk. After the “explosion”, they’ll fill your cup with the assortment of sweet treats that’s been inside all along and that’s exactly the reason why people find them so fascinating.

Shortly after hot chocolate bombs went viral, it turned out you can buy several different flavors at Costco. That didn’t stop people from trying to make their own, since you only need silicone molds and a few basic ingredients to get it done, and countless tutorials are already available online.