How To Cook With Coconut Oil

Photo by Jonas Dücker on Unsplash

Coconut oil is a great cooking and baking alternative for people looking to diversify their palette. There are tons of health benefits of coconut oil, such as antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and provide healthy fats for your diet. Refined coconut oil has a high smoke point, which means it can be cooked with at high temperatures without burning. Use coconut recipes for these types of cooking and baking and

Stove Top Popcorn

Making popcorn from scratch instead of a microwavable bag is incredibly healthier because of the lack of preservatives and artificial flavors that go into the ready-made product. Popcorn needs to be made from an oil with a high smoke point, so coconut oil is the perfect match.


Again, since refined coconut oil has such a high smoke point, it’s the perfect oil to fry with! No matter how much oil you might need, such as for frying chicken versus an egg, you can use coconut oil as a healthier substitute.

Coffee Creamer

If you want to try something really different, put some coconut oil in your coffee to give it a creamy flavor and taste without having to add dairy. This alternative is great especially for vegan folks.