How to Embrace Sustainable Fashion

Photo by Prudence Earl on Unsplash

A fashion trend that seems to keep increasing in popularity is the idea of sustainable fashion. With so many people feeling understandably concerned about climate change and the state of the world, it’s not surprising that unethically produced “fast fashion” is being pushed aside. Instead, people are choosing to prioritize eco-friendly and ethical fashion options. Here are some ideas to follow this positive trend. 

Buy Second-Hand Clothes

Producing new clothes requires loads of energy and resources to be used. If this is done on a large scale then it is damaging to the environment, and so many of these clothes end up being thrown away. Instead, have a trawl through second-hand stores. There are so many exciting treasures to be found, and you are resuing instead of buying new items. 

Choose Ethical and Local Brands

If and when you do buy new clothing items, try to rethink how you go about this. Often cheap, mass-produced items are poor quality and break quickly. They may also use very unethical systems throughout the making and selling processes. By buying more expensive high-quality items produced by local, small businesses, you are not only making a moral choice but it will save you more money in the long run as they will last much longer.