How To Incorporate Pantone’s Color Of The Year In Your Home?

Photo: butlers_com/Instagram

Ever since Pantone revealed their color for 2019, living coral has been everywhere. Makeup artists include it in their looks, there are nails, hair, even home decor with this shade. It is definitely a very bold choice, but it brings a dose of freshness into the home. Here are some ideas on how to include it in your interior design.

A Single Item

Since living coral is quite a vibrant and unique color, you can definitely feel insecure about introducing it into your home. That is the exact reason why you can start with a single piece of furniture. Find one that really stands out and it will literally be the coolest thing in the room.

Do The Wall

Painting a wall in this shade is such a good idea. There is no need to do the whole room, a single wall should do the job. It’s a fabulous addition even for the most minimalist designs.

Go All In

It’s not that hard to do a whole room in the chic coral tone. Just be ready to make changes as new popular colors appear and you get bored of it.

It’s All In The Details

Add a vase or two in the room in a living coral shade. That should do the job if you’re still not sure whether this is the hue for you.