How to Wear Tiger Print This Summer

Tiger Print
Image via luanateutzi/Depositphotos

Animal prints are forever on trend in fashion, with every new season bringing its own fresh (or less fresh) take on the style. And this season, the most fashionable way to wear animal print is to go with the tiger print. Maybe it’s Tiger King still showing its influence on our culture, or maybe we’re just channeling the tiger’s fierce energy this year. Either way, here are some ideas for how to rock it.

Colorful Tiger Print

The classic way to rock tiger print might be to do it in a more “natural” color palette, but it’s such an eye-catching look that you might as well go all in and wear a fun colored tiger print, like the pink dress you see above.

Sexy and Slinky

Animal prints are inherently sexy and the tiger print, in particular, creates a certain slinky feline sex appeal that is particularly well-suited to more form-fitting and feminine silhouettes like this slip dress.

Neutral Pop

If you want to try out tiger print but aren’t sure you’re ready to wear it in a full, head-to-toe look, incorporating it in a neutral color top with a casual bottom like the denim above is a great way to ease your way in.