Inspo for Ways to Rock Clashing Patterns

Clashing patterns
Photo by Sarah Doody on Unsplash

A big trend in fashion right now is wearing multiple, clashing patterns in one look. This is a great statement style for people who like to express their personalities and turn heads with their outfits. Here’s how to pull it off.

Follow the 2+1 Rule

Here’s a fool-proof rule that you can use to make sure that your clashing pattern outfit always looks put-together instead of fallen-apart. In one outfit with three prints, wear two of the same kind with one outlier. For example, this look with checkered shoes and a checkered sweater vest over a zebra print blouse looks totally pulled together.

Go Double Subtle

While clashing patterns is typically considered to be an out-there, extreme look, there are definitely ways to do it more chill. If both the patterns you use are subtle, then the look as a whole will come out much more subdued and wearable.

The Last Rule is There Are No Rules

The best part of clashing prints? You can really do anything and it’s all just a part of the look. So go crazy and follow your most wild impulse. Why not?