Jennifer Lopez’s Post Workout Skincare Routine Got Everyone Talking

Jennifer Lopez at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2020.
Jennifer Lopez at the 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in 2020. Photo by David Fisher/Shutterstock (10525963nt)

Jennifer Lopez finally shared her post-workout skincare routine on Instagram and it’s only three steps long.

To keep it as real as possible, she started the JLo Beauty IGTV video fresh from a workout. However, for Lopez, that does not mean completely bare-faced. “I can’t leave the house without lip gloss and mascara. Like, I have to do that,” she said as she removed the excess makeup and grime.

Step two was applying the That JLo Glow Serum. “There’s not a morning, there’s not an evening, there’s not a moment that I’m not putting this on,” Lopez said, gently rubbing the serum in circles on her face and down her neck. She noted she even likes to go behind her ears.

Step number three is sunscreen. Lopez generously applied That Big Screen moisturizer with SPF 30 putting together two steps into one. You could also use a moisturizer and sunscreen separately, but Lopez promises that her ‘multitasking formula’ which combines the two in one product, will give you her glow in no time. “All of our products are going to give you a glow,” she swears. “You’ll just look like you have baby skin.”

And there you have it! Just keep in mind everybody’s skin is different and what works for some may irritate those with more sensitive skin. JLo shares many other beauty and skincare tips on the JLo Beauty Instagram page, if you’re interested in some more JLo wisdom.