Landscape-Inspired Nail Art is the Hottest Trend

Nail art trends
Photo by Maria Lupan on Unsplash

Pinterest named “nailscapes” as one of the biggest beauty trends of 2022, and we’re 100% ready to see this craze everywhere. This trend is all about decorating your nails with landscape-inspired designs and here are some of the most popular options that you can try right now.

Ocean Nails

Ocean nails are not a novelty in the nail art world, and we’re never getting bored of them. This trend will be all the rage this summer, but you can wear it all year long if you want.

Geode Nails

Geode nail art is another timeless design that’s never going out of style, and it’s set to make a huge comeback in 2022. The best thing about them is that your nails can look edgy and natural at the same time, allowing you to experiment with colors and add some texture to the mix.

Galaxy Nails

Galaxy nails are one the dreamiest designs on the market. If you enjoy nail art designs that look straight out of a fairy tale, they’re one of your best options.

Aurora Nails

If you want to embrace the galaxy trend while also trying something new, give aurora nails a shot. Inspired by the beautiful colors of the northern lights, this is one of the most whimsical designs that you could possibly try.