Latest Research Indicates that Peppermint Oil is Great for Hair Growth

Photo by silviarita on Pixabay

Peppermint is a widely used plant, both in cooking and cosmetics. The latest research conducted by Ji Young Oh, Min Ah Park, and Young Chul Kim confirmed that peppermint oil is a helpful tool in promoting hair growth.

The study used 100% pure and natural peppermint essential oil and jojoba oil on five-week-old mice. Over four weeks, they observed the results. After only two weeks, they noticed a rapid hair growth. The hair follicle number also grew.

This suggests that peppermint oil can have similar hair growth effects in humans, but it might take more time than two weeks to notice it. You can easily experiment with it, just make sure to dilute it before use – pure peppermint oil can burn your scalp!