Little Miss Memes are TikTok’s and Instagram’s Latest Obsession

Screenshot from Instagram

Viral memes come and go, and it sometimes takes them just a few days to disappear from collective consciences, but some of them are here to stay. That seems to be the case with “Little Miss” memes, the latest viral craze taking TikTok and Instagram by storm.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably stumbled upon these memes in the past few days, and it’s not a coincidence that they look so familiar. They’re actually created by editing and recaptioning the covers of the Mr. Men and Little Miss books, which originally appeared during the ’70s.

As it usually goes with memes, the origin of this one is difficult to pin down, but Know Your Meme suggests it first appeared on Tumblr back in 2021. It took a while for the trend to go viral, and it received more engagement once TikTok users embraced it in mid-2022.

Little Miss characters were named after their signature traits in the original books, but TikTok and Instagram users are taking things to a whole new level with modernized captions. These memes became a viral sensation thanks to their relatability, and they’re all about dragging yourself and making light of your flaws. But it’s all in good fun!