London Fashion Week Brings New Beauty Trend

Besides amazing fashion ideas and new trends, London Fashion Week brought us some great new makeup and beauty trends as well. The most prominent one became known as “cloud skin,” and it represents creating matte but fresh look on your skin using new beauty products.

The cloud skin effect is actually pretty easy to achieve. The final look is perfectly balanced between subtle glow and matte skin, which is an evolution of the popular wet look where everything is glowy and almost translucent.

To achieve it, you need to combine powder products with velvety creamy textures. It mimics the look of healthy, glowing skin and doesn’t require too many products, or otherwise it won’t look natural.

To begin, apply skincare oil as a primer, and then even out your complexion with a little bit of foundation. Set everything with a tiny amount of powder strategically applied to parts you want to be matte. You’ll see that your face will glow with beauty! If you want a more subtle effect, use a hydrating cream instead of oil.