Lone Fox Will Teach You to Recreate TikTok’s Best DIY Projects

Screenshot via Lone Fox/YouTube

DIY is all the rage on TikTok, but it can be difficult to keep a track of all the interesting projects when you’re just mindlessly scrolling through the app. Luckily, Drew Scott of Lone Fox collected some of the very best in one place and recreated them on his YouTube channel.

Rustic Feel

In one of his latest TikTok-inspired videos, Scott recreated four trendy DIYs with a rustic feel. He kicked things off with the circle shelf with keychain hooks and tiled floor mirror before moving to the bouclé jewelry stand and finished things off with a cute tray made with rope.

Cloud Mirror

If you’re a huge DIY enthusiast, this video is a must-watch since it features some of TikTok’s biggest home décor trends in one place. In addition to the viral cloud mirror, it will also teach you how to make spackle paintings, yarn chandeliers, and marble candleholders.

Could asthetic

This tutorial will be your cup of tea if you enjoy clothes and décor pieces with quotes and positive affirmations. Most of the DIY projects featured in this video fall under that category, including mirrors with inspirational lines and whimsical glass mugs with golden print.