Looking for Your Next Handbag? Start Here!

Our shopping habits changed dramatically last year. A surge in purchase for face masks and hand sanitizers was only reasonable, but staying at home also meant taking care of our immediate environment, refurbishing our living room, and investing in a good set of PJs. These days, as we slowly test the waters, we look to spend our cash appropriately. We don’t know about you but we’re already working on refreshing our wardrobe and accessories.

Our first priority: a new, stylish handbag. Most recently, we’ve stumbled across Boejack Design‘s hand crafted bags and instantly fell in love. Run by Seattle-based Eda Atay Pastirmaci, the small brand offers a range of bags, made from chosen materials that include selected fabrics, leather (including vegan leather), and hardware.

Pastirmaci’s bags also make for great gifts. “My advice for gifting one of my handbags is to think of your recipient’s future plans,” shared the designer with the Etsy blog. “For example, if she’s going to travel soon, I’d recommend the convertible fanny pack; if she just started college or a new job, I’d recommend the oversized tote bag so she can carry all of her books and supplies. The oversized tote is also perfect for people on the go, because it can fit a laptop, coat—even shoes for the gym after work. For someone who’s looking for something super unique, I would probably give the geometric bag or the wooden frame clutch.”

She also recommends keeping in mind the color and fabric. “For friends who are going through difficult times, I recommend giving them bags in bright colors to make them feel happier.”

And while purchasing a handbag might seem like a splurge, shopping from small businesses means investing your money in small designers and creators. Not only will your purchases be more unique, they’ll also be more ethical. If this doesn’t convince you, the following handbags likely will!