Makeup Brands are All About These Trends This Holiday Season

The holiday season is an exciting time for makeup lovers because their favorite brands always have festive new collections in store. This year is no different and here are a couple of recurring themes that we’ve noticed with the latest holiday makeup lines.

Pop Culture Theme

Makeup collections inspired by our favorite movies and TV shows have been dropping all year long and they’re still coming our way. The holiday season is an especially great source of inspiration thanks to a great selection of Christmas classics and Kylie Jenner’s The Grinch line is the best example of this trend.

Themed Packaging

Cute packaging is sometimes all you need to give your makeup collection a festive feel. Many brands are using this strategy right now and adding some sparkly touches to their makeup palettes to make it clear they’re perfect for the holiday season.

Romantic Vibes

We’re used to our favorite brands going overboard come the holiday season, but they’re taking a more subtle approach in 2020. Many of the makeup collection released this month feature classic tones that you can use to give your look a romantic feel all year round.