Many of Our Faves are Leaving “S-x Education” Ahead of Season 4

Patricia Allison and Tanya Reynolds in "S-x Education"
Patricia Allison and Tanya Reynolds in "S-x Education"

The fourth season of S-x Education is currently on the way, but its cast will look much different once it comes back. Many beloved actors left the show ahead of Season 4 and here are three stars who won’t be back when the popular teen comedy returns to Netflix.

Simone Ashley

Simone Ashley’s departure was the first one to be announced and it didn’t come as a shocker due to her newfound fame in recent months. She was just a supporting character on this teen series, and she left the upcoming season to fully focus on her role in a more popular Netflix series, Bridgeton.

Patricia Allison

Patricia Allison, who spent three seasons playing Ola, also won’t be returning in Season 4. In a statement announcing her departure, the actress said she absolutely loved being part of S-x Education, but her exit will allow her to do “some other little things” and focus on other projects.

Tanya Reynolds

Lily Iglehart, Otis’ quirky alien-loving classmate, was definitely one of S-x Education’s most eccentric characters, but it turns out we’ve seen the last of her in Season 3. Actress Tanya Reynolds told Radio Times that she won’t appear in the upcoming season, adding it’s a natural progression of the show to let a few older characters go and make room for new ones.